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1. Message Encryption

SJ IM uses an OpenPGP algorithm to encrypt your messages. Up on start you may manually create your key pair and import it into program or let SJ IM generate it for you.

Our program supports up to 4096 bytes PGP key length which ensures full confidentiality of your data.

SJ IM is compatible with any Jabber client which support PGP (OpenPGP) and OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) (Psi, Miranda, etc.)

2. Safe File Sending

Send files in archives protected by 32-symbol passwords.

With SJ IM software it's easy to send the most sensitive information safely and convenient.

Our new "One click to send" function allows you to archive file with a 32-symbol password and send it with a single click to sendspace.com or safetyjabber.com filehosting service!

3. History Encryption

Chat history in SJ IM is encrypted with AES algorithm also known as Rijndael. Which means that nobody can access your chat history without your PGP key pair.

You ask why not with OpenPGP? It's a lot more demandable to CPU resources. Let's say you'd need to wait one hour to decrypt 10000 records of your chat history.

About SJ IM jabber client

SJ IM for OS Andorid has all the features of the desktop version. The differences are mostly caused by touchscreen features of phones and tablets.

Features of SJ IM which we've paid most attention:

  • Automatic PGP and OTR encryption between SJ IM messengers
  • Support of all programs which use PGP and OTR
  • Any XMPP server support
  • Easy of use
  • Design and usability

Your messaging in social networks (Facebook, GTalk, Я.Онлайн etc.) may become fully confidential due to utilizing XMPP standard in SJ IM. To make it work - use your social networks credentials as Jabber ID when adding a user profile in SJ IM. For example to add a GTalk profile just set your e-mail as Jabber ID: '[email protected]'.

To turn on automatic encryption the people you chat with should also use SJ IM (any version under any OS). Otherwise you'd need to set up an encryption manually. You can make it in any messenger which supports PGP (OpenPGP) and OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) encryption (Miranda, Psi, etc.)

SJ IM for OS Android allows you to chat safe without extra effort. Just exchange your public PGP keys or start OTR session with person you want to chat to and you're ready to go.


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A priceless utility for only

with a 100% money back guarantee.

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